Elegant Wedding Favors



Elegant Wedding Favors to Set the Scene


Elegant Wedding Favors - Wedding favors will usually showcase the theme of the wedding. It looks that nowadays, more and more weddings are geared toward being not as classy as they once were. Today's marriages can still carry that sublime look, and if you're choosing this theme, there are elegant wedding gifts that may make the big day look as chic as the bride walking up the aisle. Wedding planners have started to venture out into various ways to find the best for the bride, and so there are many concepts available now. Here are some to get you started to aid in making your reception as elegant as practical.


Cinderella Glass Slipper


This maybe is one of the more elegant wedding gifts seen today. The Cinderella glass slipper is sometimes made from crystals and it's often packaged in a clear box made of plastic. This tends to make the slipper look more fragile and permits it to have a more classy look to it. Occasionally you can find them being further intensified with colored ribbon, and sometimes the tumbler of the slipper is a different color. Some come as a pair, while some come as one shoe. There are other products that are in the same Cinderella line and include things such as place cards as well as paper weights. There are crowns made from the Cinderella line that may be used on the tables also.


Tea Lights


There are lots of people who use tea light candles or votives as stylish wedding favors. These can actually have a sublime appearance to them and will likely be handy to your visitors even when they leave the marriage reception. They can be used for decoration in the home or to burn. Either way, they'll serve as a memory and keepsake from your big day. You can decorate tea light candles or votives with pearls, glass beads, or other classy touches to them. You should buy a delicate holder for your candles as well to dress them up more.


Small Toppers


Elegant wedding gifts aren't restricted to candies or bubbles. A tiny cake topper that is similar to the one which was on your cake is another great and unique idea. You will find sterling silver versions for your guests to add a fragile look to them, which is often stylish. Consider scent bottles as well that are empty or still have perfume in them. For men, you would get cologne. To make them more classy, ensure they are multi-faceted, which can shimmer and shine excellent when in the light the right way. It is possible to get pearls or coloured ribbon like your wedding colors to dress these bottles up with name tags on them.


Classy wedding favor gifts are always pretty and delightful to take a look at. These gifts aren't always something that get used on a daily basis, and therefore, over the course of time they could turn into dust collectors. Think about making them sublime but practical, which permits guests to put them to use even after your wedding.




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